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Why Lord Hanuman is known as Sankat Mochan

by Ishan Kailani on April 19, 2024

In Hindu mythology, each deity carries deep significance, incorporating tales of courage, devotion, and salvation. Among these celestial beings, Lord Hanuman, the perfection of faith and strength, stands out with a unique epithet - Sankat Mochan, the reliever of distress. But what lies behind this revered title? Why is Lord Hanuman hailed as the forerunner of comfort in times of hardship?


To solve this timeless mystery, let us delve into the sacred scriptures and stories inspiring Lord Hanuman's divine essence.


In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Lord Hanuman emerges as the persistent devotee of Lord Rama, representing outstanding loyalty and courage. His steadfast commitment to dharma and boundless love for his lord drove him to undertake extraordinary accomplishments. One such instance is his journey to Lanka in search of Sita, where he faced numerous obstacles, including the brutal demon king Ravana and his challenging army.


Amidst the trials and tribulations, Hanuman's unconquerable spirit and unwavering devotion steered him through the darkest of times. His selfless dedication and unshakeable faith in Lord Rama empowered him to overcome every hurdle, resulting in his victorious victory in his noble quest.


Therefore, the importance of Sankat Mochan lies in Hanuman's divine capacity to help his devotees' burdens, dispel their troubles, and lead them from darkness into light. Whether they have physical ailments, mental distress, or spiritual dilemmas, devotees turn to Hanuman, seeking solace and assistance in times of distress.


The iconic Brass Panchmukhi Hanuman, revered in countless homes and temples, signifies the multifaceted nature of Lord Hanuman's divine grace. With five faces symbolizing his five essential qualities - courage, devotion, strength, wisdom, and righteousness - this sacred idol is a powerful symbol of protection and blessings, a beacon of hope amidst life's storms.


In the presence of a Hanuman Statue, devotees find refuge, drawing strength from the eternal presence of the Sankat Mochan. Through heartfelt prayers and unwavering devotion, they invoke his divine intervention, seeking liberation from suffering and adversity.


At the core, the title of Sankat Mochan granted upon Lord Hanuman encapsulates his divine mission—to uplift, protect, and guide humanity through life's various challenges. As we bow before the Brass Panchmukhi Hanuman, let us imbibe the spirit of devotion and resilience, knowing that in the embrace of Sankat Mochan, no obstacle is impossible, and no distress is unconquerable.


May Lord Hanuman's generous grace brighten our path, leading us from darkness to light, from despair to divine bliss. Jai Hanuman!


Discover Hanuman's divine presence in the exquisite Brass Panchmukhi Hanuman Murti, a timeless symbol of protection and solace. Join us in celebrating the eternal glory of Lord Hanuman, the Sankat Mochan, who guides us through life's trials and tribulations and leads us to ultimate redemption and liberation.