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Why Brass Spice Boxes are Indians First Choice

by Ishan Kailani on June 17, 2023

The spice box is a crucial element of every Indian cooking, and brass was the selected alloy for making the exact for multiple centuries. The basis for brass being employed traditionally is because zinc, a metal component of the alloy, has great anti-oxidant effects and aids maintain the anti-oxidant usefulness of all the spices we typically employ. As per everyday analysis, anti-oxidants support the fight against cancer cells in our bodies.

The old brass spice box were created with simply 5 cases (the term Anjaraipetti in Tamil), but with better spices blended into our cuisine, the box containers have grown to 7. The scope of the different cases changes with province and landscape, but the spirit stays exact to deliver immediate admission to the spices as and when we accomplish the tadka. Classic aged boxes arrived with plates between the cases and the cover to maintain dried red chillies.

India is comprehended worldwide as the ground of spices, and they recreate an important part of our individual and various cuisines. Antique brass spice box is the standard yarn that combines our various cooking cutting across cultures and territories! The normal benefit of brass as a spice container is to maintain the wealthy anti-oxidant possessions of the principal spices employed in our cuisine.

Days we can even recognise when our mother unlocked the excellent tight brass masala Dabba (Anjaraipetti) to develop a variety of spices for tadka, which counts a unique taste and remembrances of the food.

The Advitya, in partnership with the Classic artisans of India, convey to you the genuine handcrafted Brass spice box, which suits your contemporary kitchen with alleviation.

The brass spice container arrives with 7 chambers, Siz miniature neem wood spice spoons (Optional), and one Pure Iron Tadka ladle (Optional) to complement your kitchen. So relive your golden recollections whenever you bring the spices from The Advitya spice box and exhilarate you to your mother’s kitchen!

Separated from storing cooked food, the identical can also be operated for holding pulses, coffee powder to grains - these traditionally constructed brass spice containers with a tin layer are one of the numerous classic methods to keep our kitchen elements.

Brass with Zinc in the alloy has heightened anti-oxidant properties and helps preserve the produce stored in these containers. However, brass Masala spice box could react with acidic material stored, so we provided these containers with a tin coating to provide added safety level.


  •         Wash pleasingly before usage.
  •        Brass manages to deteriorate. Clean the exterior cover with lime or tamarind to get back shine.  
  •       The receptacles have a tin coating as brass is not perfect for contacting acidic items. The tin layer unravels off with use and requires refurbishing. 
  •        Use gentle detergents for cleaning, and do not operate wire scrubs.
  •        Use tamarind, lime, or vinegar to scrub the brass container once a time to recover its lustre.