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What Is The Significance Of Worshipping Ganesha Laxmi Together

by Ishan Kailani on June 17, 2023

Lord Ganesha is Lord Vishnu's son and the most powerful god in the Hindu pantheon. He is also called Dash Ganesh or Ganesha.

He is the creator and the destroyer, all at the same time. Responsible for the distribution of blessings but also praying for prosperity and happiness for his devotees. Lord Lakshmi is another most important God in the Hindu culture. She is the consort of the most powerful god Lord Shiva.

Though he helps his devotees with knowledge and money, she speaks the language of true beauty.

Brass Ganpati idol and Lakshmi are worshipped together at all times. Lord Ganesha paves the way for prosperity and wealth for his devotees. 

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity, while Ganesha is the elephant-headed god of wisdom and auspicious beginnings. Though both are popular deities in Hinduism, no concrete evidence suggests they are related.

There are many stories and legends about Lakshmi Ganesha Idol, but most are just that – stories. Some say that Lakshmi is Ganesha’s mother, while others claim she is his consort. Still, others believe that she is his aunt. However, there is no evidence to support any of these claims.

Goddess Lakshmi was the Goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. She was married to Lord Vishnu, who is the almighty and supreme god of the Hindu religion. Being so powerful and wealthy, Goddess Lakshmi grew arrogant about her powers. During one of her conversations with her husband, she claimed she is the only one worthy of worship.

Meaning of Worshipping Ganesha and Laxmi

  • Worshipping lakshmi idol for wealth would first have to worship Ganesha to seek her blessings. The Goddess will not bless those who will worship Lakshmi without Ganesha.
  • If you want to become rich, you must worship Ganesha before Lakshmi. Do not mistake worshipping Lakshmi without worshipping Ganesha first because Lakshmi will not bless those who do that.
  • The Goddess will not bless those who worship goddess lakshmi statue without Ganesha. Hence, Lakshmi is always worshipped along with Ganesha on Diwali.
  • Wisdom and intellect must be gained before wealth is gained because wealth without wisdom will only result in misusing it.
  • Lakshmi's wealth and Ganesha's intellect are worshipped together because Lakshmi needs Ganesha's intellect (wisdom) to use her wealth correctly.

We all know that Lakshmi is the Goddess of Wealth. However, many people do not know that she cannot give away her wealth to those who do not worship Ganesha first. Hence, Ganesha is the first deity to be worshipped on Diwali. Only then can the worshippers seek Lakshmi's blessings and wealth. This is why Diwali is celebrated with Lakshmi and ganesha statue together.

The aim of worshipping both Lakshmi and Ganesha is to acquire the intelligence to acquire wealth thoughtfully and correctly. In the same way, once you own the wealth, you should spend it thoughtfully and correctly.  

Goddess Lakshmi and brass ganesha idol for home are worshipped together because legend shows that once Lord Ganesha was in trouble, Goddess Laxmi helped him. At that time, Goddess Laxmi was the Goddess of prosperity, and when Lord Ganesha was in need; Goddess Laxmi granted him that wealth and prosperity. Hence, People worship Lakshmi and Ganesha Ji together as they are very much interdependent to earn wealth and prosperity in Life.