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Vastu Guidance For The Home Decor

by Ishan Kailani on June 17, 2023

As the festival approaches, we always look for ways to make it special. People try to make their homes more festive by getting a new décor that suits the festival. But often, we find that what we get isn't up to the mark and goes out of fashion within a year. So, we at Peppertype.ai give you some Vastu guidance for brass home decor.


Urli for Home Decor

While being connected to nature is important, it is vital to recognize the effects this connection has on us. In general, keeping close contact with any natural display helps to reduce our anxiety and provides a pleasant environment. As this brass urli contains natural elements like water, flowers, and fragrant ingredients, placing this at any of your desirable spots helps to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere and boosts the harmony of the place.

Diya for Pooja

The first step of Diwali diya pooja is to make sure that all the diyas that are to be used are in good shape and not chipped or broken. If they are chipped or broken, try to get out the chip or broken part at least and use them with caution. When you start Diwali Brass Pooja Diya, many people like to use vastu diyas. Vastu diyas are diyas made in certain shapes to bring certain energies into any space or room. Try to find and use vastu diyas in your home or office for the best results!

Hindu God Kuber

Apart from being a universal tradition, Lakshmi Puja can be particularly helpful for business people. Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity in Hindu mythology. She is also the Goddess of beauty and many other factors that could add to your business. Kubera is the God of wealth and prosperity. Kubera does not just belong to Hindu mythology but also spans other religions like Jainism and Buddhism. Many traditions of worshipping Kuber statue, some of them, especially for business people, do not necessarily involve Lakshmi but are different from what we are used to. While Lakshmi puja is generally done on her birthday, Kubera pooja happens on other days of the week.

Brass Hanging Bell for Home And Temple

Hanging bells are the best space-clearing tools for your home because they are decorative and have a deeper meaning. The brass bell represents clarity and efficiency, which brings great joy to your family, who will benefit greatly from the clarity and peace it brings to your household. It can also help with communication by helping you communicate more clearly or activating your desired intention. A space-clearing bell is also connected to speech, and it can help or activate an intention within you to speak for yourself and thus helps you to communicate more clearly. Some people can hear them even when they are not ringing. 

Tortoise for Fortune And Vastu

The tortoise is a representation of longevity and good health. It is indeed a popular decorative item in homes worldwide. One can opt for decorative items at home based on the tortoise theme to balance the 'chi 'or positive energy, bring good health, and promote bonding in relationships. Keep a decorative tortoise plate on a balcony or garden for good luck. Enhance the room's beauty with a centre table with a tortoise diya as decor. These are just some ways to enhance the look of your surroundings to be at peace this Diwali with The Advitya.


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