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Hanuman Mantra: Meaning, Benefits, Procedure And Significance

by Ishan Kailani on June 17, 2023

The third day of the week is considered to be the luckiest among all the 7 days for devoting Lord Hanuman. Worshiping Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays bestows one with achievement, wealth, good well-being, peace, and protection from evil forces. Lord HANUMAN (the incarnation of Shreenathji) is straightforward and empathetic. He never puts off his devotees by taking long to deliver them their rewards!

According to Hindu scriptures, Hanuman is called by many names such as Bajrangbali, Maruti, and Mahaveer. He is known as the son of Vayu or Maruti and Anjani Devi, he is associated with the Sri Ram Temple in Chennai (Velankanni), and is the sign of loyalty and devotion. It is believed that chanting Hanuman mantras hearths blessings from Lord Marot. In India, there are 8 basic lessons in Hanuman Stotra for kids to learn about bajarangbali’s life history.



“Om Hanumate Namah”

Hanuman moola mantra is an exceptional Sanskrit incantation for accomplishing goals whilst also removing obstacles. These obstacles may be felt during a person's quest to reach success or otherwise, this one-of-a-kind mantra conjures up strength and power to eventually cure weaknesses associated with life. This ultimately ends in you being able to accomplish every single vision based goal whilst granting you the ability to see improvement in overall health and prosperity!

“Om Aeem Bhreem Hanumate Shri Ram Dootaye Namaha”

Shree Hanuman Beeja is a mixture of several mantras when joined together. It's quite potent and can be used as an amulet for almost anything. This unique mantra can be seen on many followers of Lord Shree Ram who wish to stay close to their deity at all times in the form of a wearable accessory.

Manojavam Maruta Tulyavegam Jitendriyam Buddhimatam VarshitamVatatmajam Varanayuthamukyam Sri Rama Dhutam Sharanam prapadye”

This is the mantra of Rudra. He is that evokes our intelligence when we chant this manovajam maruta tulyavegam mantra. He is incredibly swift as the wind and quick to respond because he provides his followers with outstanding aptitude, knowledge, wisdom and insight because he himself possesses these qualities. And along with being an intelligent manifestation of speed, he is also Lord Siva's representation of sanity, exactness and calmness that normal people wouldn't otherwise be able to experience because it takes a master's level yogi in order to achieve such inner peacefulness over time through deep meditation.


Chanting Hanuman Mantras Advantages

  •              Chanting this mantra not just increases the strength of a person, but also provides him or her with victory in challenging situations.
  •                Who is brave enough to recite the Hanuman Chalisa, Ghosts and devils won't fool that person.
  •             Chanting the Hanuman mantra is believed to cure common ailments such as a headache or stomachache. It was also known to heal one of the most severe medical conditions that people suffer from - PTSD.
  •                   Nowadays, many people are suffering from relationship breakdowns, depression and financial problems. However, there are processes which you can follow to remedy this misery. If a person follows the Hanuman japam , he gets relief from his mental stress.
  •               Even if you are having a bad day, chanting this ancient prayer helps one remember the divinity in each of us. When we connect with the inner divine light within us, we can start to make more peace with our world and ourselves. This mantra permits you to contend even in the weakest situations; it gives strength to fight.
  •                   "If you haven't tried Hanuman mantra, then you aren't living up to your full potential according to the ancient Gods."
  •                    The Hanuman mantra is chanted to ward off evil influences and strengthen one’s own soul.
  •                    By chanting the Panchmukhi hanuman stotra, you are able to remove any negative energy from your home.