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Exploring the History and Origins of Brass Urli Bowls

by Ishan Kailani on April 08, 2024

Brass urli bowls have had quite a time in the spotlights of art lovers and collectors of home décor and cultural heritage products. These masterpieces not only make a beautiful aesthetic contribution to the artistic creations but also have an old-worldly, reminiscent meaning. Come along on a tour where we will be talking about the brass urli containers, from their deep history to their current drive and popularity.


Ancient Origins:

The roots of brass urli bowls can be traced back centuries, and we discover that they actually have their early origins embedded in the ancient Indian culture itself. The urli bowl has, in the past, been a very much valued component of daily crafts in South India. The origin of this brass vessel dates back to the Chola dynasty (9th to 13th century A.D.), which shows that this vessel was used solemnly and practically in older days.


Cultural Significance:

Brass urli bowls are invaluable cultural artefacts in Indian traditions. Likewise, in many Hindu rituals and ceremonies, these vessels are filled with water and decorated with flowers. This symbolizes wealth and happiness. These are especially taken during festivals and celebrations to make the environment even more enchanting.


Craftsmanship and Design:

The craftsmanship of brass urli bowls is a manifestation of the deep-seated artistic and individual talents of traditional Indian artisans. These bowls are always produced by hand and through the creative application of age-old methods of generation. The output of one thing is carefully moulded and carved, demonstrating detailed designs and motifs that portray the deep-rooted cultural heritage of India. The ornamental motifs, which can range from wonderfully winding floral designs to very detailed geometric patterns, come in multiple styles that capture the taste of every beholder.


Modern-Day Appeal:

The way the brass urli bowls charm in recent times has not been limited to the cultural borders but finds the adorers and followers of its charm extending not only within but beyond the cultural borders. Old-fashioned timepieces boast of their timeless beauty and refinement. They are classic and loved by modern people who incorporate this elegance into their interior designs. If hung to provide detail as a piece of decorative brass urli or used as part of a display, they surely will add the element of charm and elegance to a place.


Exploring The Advitya Collection:

At The Advitya, we favour authenticity and use different kinds of brass urli bowls that depict their grandiose past. The variety of brass urli stand, from traditional to modern architecture, as well as the hanging urli online collection, showcases the purity of craftsmanship and the design guaranteed, making each piece a true work of art. Are you searching for the best way to infuse Indian heritage in your home, or are you looking for a wonderful gift for a loved one? Our choice of brass urli bowls will certainly make you feel inspired.


The ornate brass urli bowls have been around for ages and are associated with the legacy of tradition, outstanding craftsmanship and ancient cultural heritage. Besides preserving and enjoying these artworks, we also honour the artisans whose artistic talents and devotion bring them to life. Whether they are ornaments of ancient temples or mantlepiece elegance of modern homes, the brass urli bowl is one cultural reminder that remains to convey awe and wonder.


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