The Nav Durga Puja is the most imperative festival of the Hindus society. It renowned 9 days in 9 forms of Maa Durga who signs of powers. Maa Durga is the consort of Lord Shankar. She has taken 9 avatars (like sati, maa kali, Parvati etc) on earth. A lot of god and goddess also admiration her. That person reverence in these days, Maa Durga, bring happiness and peace of mind in their life. The Nav Durga Puja, known as Navratri – the word is composed of Sanskrit words. It’s signifying nine hallowed nights. Do you know that five Nav Durga Puja comes in a year?

Benefits of Nav Durga Puja


  1. The Maa Durga idol puja is one of the most significant Hindu occasions. Throughout Nav Durga puja, you should carry out the control of deity and search for Durga blessings.

  2. On this favorable juncture, you have to watch fast for nine days. You are sacred from wealth and calm. To stay absent from all types of unhelpful energy, wickedness, eyes, black magic and injurious powers.

  3. The authority of deity Maa Durga is performed to get the religious information, peace and opulence.

  4. Shakti has the preeminence over the obliteration, deterrence and making of the world.

  5. Maa Durga statue protects you from all sorts of difficulties and circumstances.

  6. This puja will assist you to defeat poverty and monetary problems.

  7. Kanya Pujan will help you to achieve wisdom and success in your life.

  8. Get rid of all kinds of negativity and fear.

  9. With the help of Durga idol online, one can receive the divine blessing of Devi Shakti.

  10. By performing this puja, you will get wealth and prosperity in your professional life.

This puja will remove the obstacles from your success path and also helps in the safety of bad spirits. Navratri puja will also help to enhance your self-confidence.

The word Navratri is a grouping o two words Nava means “Nine” and Ratri stands for “night”. Navratri is one of the blessed festivals of Hinduism which is committed to Goddess Durga or Shakti. She represents the liveliness of the cosmos. Navaratri is renowned with immense attachment all through the country. During these nine days, where we adoration nine dissimilar forms of Goddess Durga God idols.

Navratri puja is performed to honour the nine forms of Devi Durga. There are numerous reasons why we carry out Navratri puja throughout Navratri days. Today we are departing to offer you the benefits of Navratri Puja. Charity is one of the chief aspects of Navratri. Therefore, do aid and contribute as much as you can? It will not just placate Maa Durga but will also fulfill your saintly needs. Throughout Ashtami/Navami, there is a custom of Kanya pujan too that holds big meaning.