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      Buddha (19)

      Brass Handcarved Blessing...

      Rs. 2,999.00Rs. 5,999.00

      Small Buddha Head

      Rs. 5,499.00Rs. 7,999.00

      Brass Tibet Buddha...

      Rs. 5,999.00Rs. 12,999.00

      Brass Buddha Head...

      Rs. 7,999.00Rs. 15,999.00

      Protection Buddha Statue

      Rs. 11,499.00Rs. 14,999.00

      Black Antique Buddha

      Rs. 24,999.00Rs. 29,999.00

      Brass Buddha in...

      Rs. 29,999.00Rs. 34,999.00

      Brass Blessing SuperFine...

      Rs. 65,999.00Rs. 74,999.00

      Brass Laughing Buddha...

      Rs. 3,499.00Rs. 6,999.00

      Brass Buddha Head

      Rs. 2,999.00Rs. 3,999.00

      Gautam Buddha On...

      Rs. 2,999.00Rs. 5,999.00

      Buddha Standing On...

      Rs. 3,999.00Rs. 5,999.00

      Peaceful Sitting Buddha...

      Rs. 9,999.00Rs. 19,999.00

      Buddha Sitting on...

      Rs. 9,999.00Rs. 14,999.00

      Large Buddha Sitting...

      Rs. 29,999.00

      Buddha Face

      Rs. 8,999.00Rs. 9,999.00

      Brass Laughing Buddha...

      Rs. 1,999.00Rs. 3,999.00

      Standing Tibetian Buddha...

      Rs. 5,999.00Rs. 9,999.00

      Brown Antique Buddha

      Rs. 26,999.00Rs. 34,999.00

      Welcome to the serene realm of The Advitya's Buddha Collection – a harmonious fusion of spirituality and aesthetic elegance. Discover a curated selection of meticulously crafted brass Buddha idols that breathe tranquility and grace into your living spaces. Our Buddha Collection encapsulates the essence of divinity, offering a range of exquisite brass Buddha idols thoughtfully designed for your home sanctuary. Elevate the ambiance of your living room, bedroom, or meditation space with our captivating Buddha statues, meticulously handcrafted to radiate an aura of serenity and enlightenment. Adorn your abode with the timeless allure of a Buddha statue at your home entrance. Imbued with symbolism, these statues symbolize protection and a warm welcome to all who cross your threshold. Let the presence of a Lord Buddha statue grace your living space, infusing it with a sense of calmness and mindfulness. Whether you seek to create a soothing environment for meditation or simply desire to enhance your interior decor with an artistic, spiritual touch, our Buddha idols for home offer the perfect solution. Crafted with precision and imbued with spiritual energy, these statues serve as reminders of the profound teachings of Lord Buddha. At The Advitya, we understand the significance of selecting the right Buddha statue. Each piece in our collection reflects a commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and spiritual resonance. Please browse our assortment to find the Buddha statue that resonates with your inner peace and enlightenment aspirations. Welcome the tranquil presence of the Buddha into your home, and let its aura inspire and guide your journey. Explore our Buddha Collection today and discover the transformative power of these timeless artifacts – where spirituality and artistry intertwine to create a haven of harmony within your living spaces.