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Mahadeva,Maheshvara,Neelakantha,Mrityunjaya, Kailashapati,shiv,Bholenath, Shiv Parivar (Medium)
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Shiv Parivar (Medium)

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Size (L x H x W)
Material Brass

Shiv Parivar brass statue is a depiction of prosperity, harmony, and every happy family. The idol of Shiva Parivar is a magnificent divine family with four members in it, Lord Shiva, his consort Parvati, and the two sons Kartikeya and Ganesha. He is the lord of mercy and compassion. It is said that placing the idol in the house protects devotees from evil forces, such as lust, greed, and anger. Bholenath is very easy to please and what’s the easiest way than welcoming his whole family home. You can get the blessing of all the deities together by accepting this handcrafted hard work of Karigars. The high-grade brass and its corrosion-resistant quality make it an ideal gift for newlywed couples. Shiva idol is the greatest renounces as well as a perfect lover. You will not stop admiring the detailing as it is exclusively handcrafted with a mixture of age-old artisanship.