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Welcome to The Advitya!

The Advitya has been in business for over 40 years and has grown to become a major player in the space with a strong online presence. The company roots its history in handcrafted goods that are still available today via its online store around the globe. With Indian craftsmanship being one of the most renowned forms of artistry, The Advitya brings together an exclusive range of finely crafted brass handicrafts that aim to delight every home and heart.

We have a magnificent collection of God statues, home decor, home essentials, jewelry (SIFAT collection), Pooja decor & essentials, cotton face masks, and more. We have sorted all your handicrafts requirements by putting forth a wide assortment of products in materials like brass, aluminum, mixed metal, oxidized, wooden, and gold & antique finish products, with an approach of delivering handmade artifacts to every home and heart. Our goal is to provide customers with gorgeous home decor and spiritual products at reasonable prices so that everyone can access more beautiful fittings, unique animal sculptures, traditional collections, and other exquisite decorations that will make their homes look their best.

We’re helping Indian handicrafts take over the world by promoting a brand that speaks to traditional and contemporary artisans. The God idols for the pooja room are creative and gorgeous, created by expert teams who carefully crafted each piece with attention to detail. In addition, we’re expanding our product lines so you can shop for home decor items from a global catalog! With an eclectic range of pure brass product items, you can find something unique for any special occasion or even a gift for a beloved. Plus, all our things are made using the finest materials to ensure durability. If you want to treat yourself to some pure Indian handicrafts, be sure to browse through our range of exquisite items.